In need of hauling and transport solutions that can handle heavy-duty loads and oversized freight safely? Each year, the hauling industry hears countless stores of dangerous transportation mishaps that lead to high recovery costs, not to mention significant injury to drivers in a worst-case scenario. As any skilled operator will be aware, safety is the first key to success for any transport load but becomes even more crucial where heavy freight like machinery, tools, and oversized items are involved. As one of Canada’s leading suppliers of transport solutions Kingpin Trailers is proud to put a strong focus on safety and quality, which is reflected in the quality of our inventory manufactured by the top names in the industry.

If your company is facing increased demand for heavy-duty, below are six key tips to help keep your freight safe on the road. Read on to learn more.

1. Match the Right Vehicle With the Right Trailer

While this might seem like common sense, you may be surprised to learn how often inexperienced haulers choose the wrong equipment for oversized and heavy loads. Ensuring that both your truck and trailer have the right weight capacity limits, axle configuration, power, and other such variables play a huge role in avoiding unfortunate mishaps.

For extremely heavy loads, RGN trailers and lowboys are often a safe bet due to their enhanced load capacity and stability, especially across long distances.

2. Secure and Safely Distribute Your Load

Once you’ve selected the appropriate hauling trailer, the next step is to ensure that your freight is safely loaded. Make sure that all pallets, equipment, machinery or whatever you may be transporting is properly positioned on the truck bed, as well as secured using the appropriate method according to law. Failure to do so can lead to disastrous results that are preventable with the right checks in place.

3. Choose Experienced Drivers

Hauling heavy or oversized loads takes skill and should be left to those among your fleet that know what to expect and have the applicable training to mitigate any and all risks. While trailers must always uphold their end of the job by performing as needed, drivers must also do everything in their power to stay in control and alert while driving.

4. Follow All Road Laws and Regulations

Once again, common sense isn’t always as common as it should be. No matter where your freight is headed, always ensure that you and your crew are aware of any and all regulations and carry out your operation in an abiding manner.

5. Plan Your Route Carefully

As with above, planning ahead and knowing what to expect can not only be a huge time and money saver but also help keep everyone safer on the road. By carefully mapping your course, you’ll avoid sudden surprises and give yourself plenty of time to travel stress-free.

6. Double Down On the Double Checks

Finally, there’s no such thing as being too safe. Always check your freight while in transit and attend to any issues you see along the way.

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Trail King Industries is North America’s top manufacturer of a complete lineup of trailers, including a diverse range of gooseneck and lowboy units suitable for heavy-duty hauling. Kingpin is proud to feature many of Trail King’s heavy-duty trailers across our yards in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver. For our current inventory and services contact our team directly today!