When it comes to reliable hauling solutions for the construction, infrastructure and landscaping industries, dump trailers are one of the most advantageous additions to any hauler’s fleet. Design to handle tricky loads without forfeiting stability or durability, these trailers function by using hydraulics to lift the bed of the trailer from the frame, which makes the unloading process simple. Two are the most popular configurations within this family of trailers include end dump trailer and the side dump trailer. Below, we’ll explore the difference between each model, as well as give an update of some of our currently available inventory.

Safety First

While both side and end dump trailers are sturdy, the differences in their design result in variances where stability is concerned. With a high centre of gravity being necessary to permit for unloading, end dump trailers are typically less stable than side dumps, which maintain a lower, even centre of gravity. This makes side dump trailers preferable for loads and transport scenarios where tipping may be a concern.

Navigation and Maneuvering

Where side dump trailers may be more stable, end dump trailers tend to trump their counterparts when it comes to maneuvering. This makes them ideal for job sites that feature tight turn arounds and other spaces that are difficult to navigate like hauling or hopper pits. Conversely, side dump trailers are a great fit for road and other types of heavy construction, where the side offloading mechanism makes distributing product safer.

Payload Comparisons.

Since end dump trailers have higher edges than side dump models, they are able to carry greater payloads on each haul. A 36-ft end dump model can carry up to 36 cubic yards of payload, whereas the same side dump trailer can only accommodate approximately 23 cubic yards.

Side Dump Trailers and More at Kingpin Trailers

Kingpin Trailers is proud to be one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of hauling solutions. With multiple locations across Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver, our stock features top trailers from manufacturers like Trail King, MAC, and Hyundai. Our current inventory includes a 2019 Trail King TK60SSD-41 Steel Side Dump Trailer; Tri-Axle.

To learn more about our available models, services, and all other hauling support options, contact us today.